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Frequently Asked Questions

What's air brush tanning?
Airbrush tanning is the process in which sunless tanning solutions applied to the body by a trained technician.

What's in the solution?
All the components in tanning solution can be found in high-end cosmetic products.


The key components are:

Bronzer - natural derivative from sugar

DHA Dihyrdoxyacetone - The active ingredient in sunless tanning products

Moisturizer - we believe we have the finest moisturizer on the market,

just ask our clients.

How Long will the Airbrush Tan Last?
The initial application takes 15-20 minutes followed by 5 minutes of drying time. After the initial application, for best results shower the next day.

Can I Choose my own Shade?
Yes, you can choose a shade from light to dark.

We can also custom blend a formula just for you.

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